Alexander P. Ashbourne

Early Life

Not much is known about Alexander's life. In the 1870s he was a successful dry foods grocer in Philadelphia. Alexander later moved to Oakland, California to start his own dry foods business. In Oakland, Alexander was one of the area's most respected black citizens.

The Biscuit Cutter

  • History of the Biscuit CutterThe Biscuit can be dated all the way from Roman Times. In Latin the Biscuit means "twiced-cooked". Biscuits in the United States were very popular in the 1800s, especially in the South. Before the Biscuit Cutter was invented Cooks would mix the biscuit dough together and shape it by hand. By 1875 Alexander patented his invention. The original Biscuit Cutter had a board to roll the biscuts on, which was connected to a metal plate with different types of shapes on it. After the dough was rolled out, the metal plate is push down to create populous biscuits shapes at the same time. The Biscuit Cutter was spring-loaded so that the biscuits would come out easily.
The Original Biscuit Cutter
The Original Biscuit Cutter
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The Patent for the Biscuit Cutter.
The Patent for the Biscuit Cutter.

  • The Modern Biscuit Cutter

The modern Biscuit Cutter is less spacious, it was made lighter.basically a Cutter is relatively like a cookie cutter, but thicker to withstand the density of the biscuit dough. Today, the Cutter is made out of either metal or plastic. The Cutter looks like a cookie cutter, but some have a handle on top. Biscuit Cutters come in all different sizes.Virtually Biscuit Cutters can be in any shape possible.

Examples of Biscuit Cutters.

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Other Inventions

Other inventions that Alexander made was the process of preparing and treating cocnut oil. Alxander is also responsible for the refining process of coconut.

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